Palm Beach has beaten out top shopping spots, like New York and Chicago, to be recognized as the second best shopping destination in the country as a part of USA Today’s 10 Best awards.

During its recognition by USA Today’s 10 Best, Palm Beach was said to be a key spot for those in search of “expensive and rare items.” The area is, also, filled with “all things bright and bunch” and “vintage resort-ware.”

Jorge Pesquera, the president and CEO of Discover The Palm Beaches said, “As the home of Worth Avenue and dozens of other specialty retailers, malls and outlet centers, shoppers can expect to find the best world-class shopping throughout The Palm Beaches. We stand out in South Florida for our stress-free shopping experiences because of ease of movement, plentiful parking and the beautiful settings of our retail centers. We’re thrilled to see that Palm Beach is once again on the national map for shopaholics seeking variety, style and sophistication.”

The award was determined by a panel of experts who chose the starting 20 nominees and the list was cut down to the top 10 winners by popular vote. Palm Beach was only beaten out by Santa Fe, a tough competitor.

With this award, the Palm Beach area has only retained its top ranking in South Florida. The beautiful scenery, outstanding events, like the world-class shopping and dining, consistent entertainment, beautiful weather and some of the world’s best beaches make Palm Beach a top choice for lifestyle. BallenIsles Country Club is situated right in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens and just minutes from everything you want to be a part of. Take a minute to schedule your private tour today and find out what you’re missing.

Beginning October 15th, we’re proud to be hosting the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Florida State Closed Championships on the clay courts. The event will include divisions for men’s and women’s singles and doubles for age groups 30-90 and open divisions, mixed doubles, father/son, father/daughter, mother/son and mother/daughter. 

For every division, all main draw matches will be the best-of-three sets. However, the consolation matches will consist of two sets and a match tiebreaker of 10 points.

BallenIsles Country Club Director of Tennis, Trish Faulkner, made this comment on the upcoming event, “This is one of the best tournaments in Florida for all ages and all levels. Come on everyone, if you live in Florida and you play tennis, you should be at BallenIsles for the Florida State Closed.”

Good luck to all participating! 

BallenIsles North Course The right clubs, the right ball, the right shoes, the right swing… all of these things seem to add up to the best golf game a player can possibly have, but one important factor is missing- the right course management. Course management can be a difficult aspect of the game to deal with; a player can change his or her clubs and gear, but the golf course is not a variable he or she can alter. Instead of bending to the will of the course, though, a player should find parts of the course that can benefit him or her. 

The first step to course management is understanding your own weaknesses as a player. What shots are preferred? What shots are dreaded? Look for opportunities to hit your favorite shots. These things can instantly up your game.

Next, take the easiest path to the green. While playing an aggressive game seems like a fun challenge, a pulverized club is not the best trophy. As you’re able to make way with the your more conservative shots, more aggressive shots can be added in.

 A big tip for course management is thinking two shots ahead. Most of the time we live in the moment as the ball is flying through the air and how we can get it to the spot we want it to be next. However, a players mind should be on strategy. Players see 250 yards of green between them and the hole and immediately go to how they can hit the ball 250 yards. This could cause the player to make a risky shot that could end up hurting a score than helping it. Instead, think about the shot you’re comfortable making. It is a shot you know may not go the whole 250 yards, but if you know you can swing, at least, 125 yards you know you only need to cover that other 125? It may not be the jaw-dropping story you tell later on, but it could be a great victory story in its place.

 Once a player grasps course management, it’s amazing how much a game can be improved. It may be easier to buy new equipment or try a new swing technique, but grasping the concept of working the course and making the course work for you is the real key to the best score.

To learn more about the courses here at BallenIsles, click here. 

BallenIsles hosts some of the most elite golf tournaments throughout the year for various ages and levels of expertise in South Florida. This year, the BallenIsles community is welcoming a new tournament to the lineup-The Pro-Member Tournament. This tournament will be held in December and is open to members of the club. Returning to BallenIsles are the yearly tournaments it has become known for holding: Member/Member, Member/Guest, Men’s and Women’s Club Championship, Couple’s Guest and multiple Holiday tournaments.

With BallenIsles’ exceptional reputation amongst the golf community, one can expect classic golf entertainment as a player and viewer of the tournaments. With its three championship golf courses, designed by notable golf course architects Dick Wilson and Joe Lee, and various tournaments welcoming professionals to amateurs there is something for everyone at one of the upcoming BallenIsles golf tournaments.

For more information on upcoming tournaments or how to participate please contact us online or call (561) 626-3941.

While most people accredit their game to their clubs or powerful swing, a game of golf can be determined by something as equally as important, but not always as recognized-the golf ball. While most see golf balls as all the same, different golf balls can affect putting performance and driving distance depending on what they’re made of. Mainly, golf balls consist of a plastic, ionomer or a rubber, urethane material. However, the skill level of the player is the true determining factor as to which kind of ball a player should use.

The ionomer ball is best for beginners or those with a high handicap. This choice will diminish hooking and slicing and will, also, allow a player to get the ball to trek higher; this is definitely a plus for those who do not have as powerful as a swing. The perfect type of ball for this kind of golfer is a two-piece ball, because of its emphasis on low spin and distance. One of the top brands a golfer in need of this style ball is Titleist; it takes three of the top five spots with its DT Solo, NXT Tour/Tour S and Velocity.

The urethane ball works best for players who are at an expert level shooting in the 70s to low 80s. It is suggested that experts use this model of ball, because urethane balls are all about the short game and, more often then not, experts have a handle on their drives. A three to five piece ball works very well for this kind of player, depending on personal preferences. Clinching the top three spots for urethane balls is Bridgestone with its Tour B330, Tour B330S and Tour B330RX.

For a player who is more advanced than a beginner, but may not quite be at an expert’s level there is proper golf ball, as well. Intermediate players, perhaps those who need assistance on their side spin, are recommended to use three-piece ionomer golf balls. This variety of ball offers high launch, low spin and more roll on the ground. The most preferred ball amongst this group is undoubtedly the Nike RZN Red/White.

No matter what skill level or benefits a player would like to receive from his or her golf ball there is the perfect fit for all.