Golf Tip from Top Florida Pro So many people ask how to hit the golf ball farther. Let's start by saying that if you do not make solid/center contact, that should be your first focus. If you do however make solid contact with the ball and are looking for even more distance, note the following drill and you will begin to learn where speed comes from. 

Take an alignment rod and place it firmly under your left armpit. Get into your normal address position, and turn back as if you were making a backswing. Now turn through as fast as you can... you will notice there is hardly any speed with this motion. 

Now hold the rod in your hands, taking your normal grip and swing the rod back and whip it through using your hands and arms. Not only will you see the difference but you will hear it in the "swoosh" the rod makes as it swings through the air, generating much greater speed than you could with your body. 

The more relaxed you keep your hands and arms, the faster you can swing the rod. The same is true for your golf club. Tension destroys speed and it ruins good tempo. 

You can also do this drill with the Speed Sticks and other similar aids that are on the market. 

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