Main Lobby Rendering for the New Clubhouse at BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, FL Residents and guests at BallenIsles have come to expect a certain level of service and quality when it comes to dining and being entertained. Now, there’s a whole new way for them to enjoy themselves, coming this fall. “We’re excited to unveil our renovated Clubhouse for our guests,” said Becky Collison of BallenIsles. “We combined elements both old and new to create an experience that no one will forget.” While we’d like to divulge every detail, that wouldn’t make for a good surprise. However, we can drop some hints on what you can expect for your new Clubhouse when it opens this fall. When you take the first steps in, expect to find…

Every element, from the topiary to the inside of the new Clubhouse, is made to feel warm and welcoming to the guests who enter it. Designed in a British West Indies style, the interiors of the new clubhouse combine both old world and new world with sleek marble, natural wood elements, and a simple color scheme featuring whites and browns. Even Old Florida design is hailed back to with the dark paneled woods within the bar and restaurant.

The opening of the Clubhouse comes with some specialty restaurants that are truly unique to BallenIsles. A bar, a fine dining establishment, and BallenIsles Grille will be among those installed at the Clubhouse. Some of the most exciting events will take place in the dining hall, where chefs will serve you with tantalizing flavors, where you’ll meet with family and friends to celebrate the holidays, where you’ll be introduced to neighbors and form lifetime friendships.

The dining isn’t the only exemplary thing about BallenIsles-there’s plenty to do to keep everyone entertained. The fully equipped fitness center has everything that you need for a fully-fledged workout, whether you prefer taking a class or using the machines. If you’re looking to relax after a particularly productive exercise class, take some time to unwind at the full service spa with soaks, masks, and other treatments. Meet up with friends at one of the many clubs-within-a club that BallenIsles offers including, biking, photography, wine, reading, and more. 

With its full social calendar and selection of athletic activities, BallenIsles helps redefine retirement. The upcoming Clubhouse is almost complete with its renovations, after which residents can enjoy spending their time there. Residents can culturally expand themselves with their friends and family at one of the many dinners that BallenIsles holds every month, expand their skills at one of the many clubs on-site, and challenge each other on the golf courses and tennis courts. BallenIsles is well known for its strong commitment to sports. Many recognized tennis events are held here such as the Les Grandes Dames Tournament, and has won awards for their meticulously cared for golf courses. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner player, on-site golf and tennis coaches are available to work with residents and help them strengthen their play. A golf practice center allows residents to access state of the art education and technology to work on making their swing even better, and a golf pro shop provides all the tools that a practicing golfer could need. Click here to schedule your private tour and learn more.