BallenIsles again is given the award by Boardroom Magazine for Distinguished Club status. BallenIsles Country Club has stood out within both the Palm Beaches and the private club scene for its exemplary offerings in amenities, its quality products, and its receptive and skilled staff. Again, BallenIsles is being recognized with the Boardroom Magazine Distinguished Club status. One of the highest honors in the private club industry, this is granted thanks to a variety of features that the Nomination Committee uses in its selection process, and holds a level of status and recognition within the private club industry. A few of the factors clubs are measured against include overall member experience, superior management and staff training, longstanding- must  have been founded at least 75 years ago, must have held a major golf championship or event and must be considered and with a reputation clearly viewed as in the top echelons, locally and regionally. 

This honor stands out amongst others regarding private clubs in its use of merit and reputation to judge the recipients by. One major element that qualifies a club for nomination is the backing by a member of the Distinguished Clubs Nomination Committee. Themselves leaders in the private club industry, their knowledge and experience are applied to select clubs that stand out in their field. Committee members will also apply the Member Experience Quotient, which is a formula that considers elements such as intangible quality, facility quality, and service quality to determine a club’s score. An on-site visit also assists in determining a club’s Distinguished Club status.

The granting of Boardroom Magazine’s Distinguished Club status is recognized in the private club industry as a symbol of high standards and influence, with its recipients bearing its benefits as well. With the Nomination Committee holding extensive backgrounds in private club business and industry, their selections are seen as having met the approval of a well-educated and highly experienced group. We are proud to feature this recognition within our promotional material, and understand the meaning that comes with it. It also gives our members something else to be proud of BallenIsles for, aside from our attentive service and high quality amenities.

One feature of BallenIsles that stood out to the Nomination Committee was the level of service that the Club provides. Everyone working as part of the engine that runs the Club, from the top tier management to everyone in golf, food  & beverage, tennis, the Spa and more have proven a superior delivery of service and care for members. It’s no wonder that the Nomination Committee found that member enjoyment levels had also surpassed standards. We must also give credit to the members of BallenIsles, who have not only used social media channels and word-of-mouth to promote the club, but also supported us with their repeated patronage. Your constant support has enabled us to succeed, and we’re proud to continue our work in serving you. 

With its full social calendar and proximity to all Palm Beach County has to offer, BallenIsles Country Club allows for members to take advantage of the local area better than anyone else. In addition, whether your sport of choice is tennis, golfswimming or anything else, you’ll find something to enjoy at BallenIsles. The Club maintains a full calendar of fun activities, and you’ll find events where you can meet family and friends for a great time. It’s exactly where you want to be. Click here to schedule your private tour today.