Rees Jones’ Latest Golf Course Renovation in South FloridaRees Jones just broke ground on a new design for the South Course. As part of the project a shorter course playing option will be added, allowing for five to six various tee settings and angles to challenge different levels of players.

One of BallenIsles Country Club’s many legacies lies in its golf programs, and especially their golf courses. From private tutoring sessions to classics played within the Club’s boundaries, they’re all centered on those courses. Originally designed by the likes of golf greats such as Dick Wilson these courses serve as proof to BallenIsles’ commitment to quality and history. Renowned golf course architect Rees Jones now adds to that legacy with his update of the South Course.

Rees Jones’ Latest Golf Course Renovation in South FloridaFirst constructed in 1964, the South Course was revolutionary for its approach to Florida’s landscape, which made it one of the most discernable golf courses near Palm Beach Gardens. When it was first developed, it only had nine holes and extended to a certain point. It wasn’t until Joe Lee’s renovation in 1970 that the rest of the holes were added, extending the course to 18 holes. Even with another restoration in 2002, a complete update of the course has been highly sought after by members and staff of BallenIsles Country Club. In 2018, members voted 65.6% in favor of updating the South Course, which set off the current upgrades that are being performed on it.

Rees Jones has plenty of things planned for the South Course. It’s expected to be completed in the fall of 2019, with an opening date tentatively scheduled by end of year. Jones has a more original style in mind, one that heeds back to the course’s previous design. This will involve the addition of new tees, cart trails, a new irrigation system, and extra bunkers to add new layers of challenge to the course’s design. One renovation that has been gaining particular attention is the addition of tees to the course to create a form of short course. This short course will add a new dimension to the game of golf by allowing players up to six different angles to approach their shot from, each one varied in its difficulty. The result? A game of golf that’s suitable for all skill sets and changes with each tee time.

In the meantime, members can enjoy the variety of amenities that BallenIsles Country Club has to offer, including its esteemed North Course and East Course, as well as its extensive reciprocal program. There’s no wonder as to why BallenIsles Country Club offers the best of everything – it’s their legacy. The renovated South Course will continue that tradition.

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