Main Lobby Rendering for the New Clubhouse at BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, FL Residents and guests at BallenIsles have come to expect a certain level of service and quality when it comes to dining and being entertained. Now, there’s a whole new way for them to enjoy themselves, coming this fall. “We’re excited to unveil our renovated Clubhouse for our guests,” said Becky Collison of BallenIsles. “We combined elements both old and new to create an experience that no one will forget.” While we’d like to divulge every detail, that wouldn’t make for a good surprise. However, we can drop some hints on what you can expect for your new Clubhouse when it opens this fall. When you take the first steps in, expect to find…

Every element, from the topiary to the inside of the new Clubhouse, is made to feel warm and welcoming to the guests who enter it. Designed in a British West Indies style, the interiors of the new clubhouse combine both old world and new world with sleek marble, natural wood elements, and a simple color scheme featuring whites and browns. Even Old Florida design is hailed back to with the dark paneled woods within the bar and restaurant.

The opening of the Clubhouse comes with some specialty restaurants that are truly unique to BallenIsles. A bar, a fine dining establishment, and BallenIsles Grille will be among those installed at the Clubhouse. Some of the most exciting events will take place in the dining hall, where chefs will serve you with tantalizing flavors, where you’ll meet with family and friends to celebrate the holidays, where you’ll be introduced to neighbors and form lifetime friendships.

The dining isn’t the only exemplary thing about BallenIsles-there’s plenty to do to keep everyone entertained. The fully equipped fitness center has everything that you need for a fully-fledged workout, whether you prefer taking a class or using the machines. If you’re looking to relax after a particularly productive exercise class, take some time to unwind at the full service spa with soaks, masks, and other treatments. Meet up with friends at one of the many clubs-within-a club that BallenIsles offers including, biking, photography, wine, reading, and more. 

With its full social calendar and selection of athletic activities, BallenIsles helps redefine retirement. The upcoming Clubhouse is almost complete with its renovations, after which residents can enjoy spending their time there. Residents can culturally expand themselves with their friends and family at one of the many dinners that BallenIsles holds every month, expand their skills at one of the many clubs on-site, and challenge each other on the golf courses and tennis courts. BallenIsles is well known for its strong commitment to sports. Many recognized tennis events are held here such as the Les Grandes Dames Tournament, and has won awards for their meticulously cared for golf courses. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner player, on-site golf and tennis coaches are available to work with residents and help them strengthen their play. A golf practice center allows residents to access state of the art education and technology to work on making their swing even better, and a golf pro shop provides all the tools that a practicing golfer could need. Click here to schedule your private tour and learn more. 

Best restaurants in Palm Beach Gardens now offering member discounts to BallenIsles. Living at BallenIsles comes with certain perks. Members enjoy playing on the best tennis courts and golf courses, have access to select events held within the club, and enjoy some of the best dining in South Florida, right inside the gates of BallenIsles. Now, they can enjoy some of the best dining outside of it, as well. From now until October 31st, 2018, members of BallenIsles Country Club can enjoy access to restaurants at select country clubs that are participating in the reciprocal program, and receive a special discount at certain local favorite restaurants. 

Few select clubs make it onto the club reciprocal list, including: Jupiter Country Club, The Club at Admiral’s Cove, and Sandpiper Cove, each offering restaurants with a unique cuisines and flavors to try. All that members need to do is call the BallenIsles Front Desk, where they can place a reservation and clarify details regarding gate access and dress codes.

Leveraging its local recognition, BallenIsles has negotiated with some of Palm Beach Gardens’ most popular restaurants to become part of BallenIsles’ dining reciprocal circuit, as a special perk while our new Clubhouse is under construction. This allows members to enjoy dining at local favorites and receive a special discount off of their total bill when they present their BallenIsles Member Card. Participating restaurants include local favorites such as Prosecco Café, The Cooper, Ironwood Grille at PGA National Resort, and Vic and Angelo’s, the Italian restaurant on every gastronome’s lips. Known for its atmosphere and its friendly service, diners come for the handmade pasta and the Sausage and Fennel Pizza. 

Whether you’re enjoying the flavors at a restaurant outside of BallenIsles, enjoying the upscale and funky atmosphere of Prosecco Café, or planning how you’ll celebrate the Clubhouse’s reopening, you’ll certainly be busy this year! In fact, the opening of the new Clubhouse will bring two new bars and one new restaurant. BallenIsles also runs a full social calendar of events tailored to everyone’s tastes, and the amenities are always unparalleled. Members, make sure to call the front desk to learn about events and dining in BallenIsles. If you're not yet a member, learn more here. 

This is our collection of five great places where you can listen to live music near Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Palm Beach County is the place to be for those interested in the arts. From museums to cultural events, it’s always easy to find a way to have a great time. But where do residents go when they want to listen to live music? These five places are some local favorites! 

Angry Moon Cigars 

Make sure to get yourself to Palm Beach Gardens’ preferred spot for great cigars and tunes as soon as you can. An atmosphere reminiscent of an old jazz club, a world class humidor that keeps the cigars fresh, tasting and pairing events, and friendly service make this place. On Thursday and Friday nights, John the Piano Man tickles the ivories, completing the speakeasy atmosphere.

Mainstreet at Midtown

Located down PGA Boulevard, here’s where you can hear a mix of musical styles. When you’re done shopping for designer pieces at stores such as PB Athletic Wear and Yoga and California Closets, and dining at restaurants such as III Forks Steakhouse and Christopher’s Kitchen, enjoy the tunes of whatever live band is playing that night. Keep an eye out for fun music festivals as well-Midtown was the home of the Peace, Love, and Wellness Music Festival!

Blue Pointe Bar and Grill

The island vibe at this place brings good times and island-style live music. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can enjoy Roasted Garlic Shrimp Flatbread and Mahi Reubens to the sound of singers playing tropical tunes. The parties here are always fun, and always something to experience!

Twisted Trunk

Palm Beach Gardens’ preferred location for beer, this brewery knows how to have a good time. Their Food Truck Fridays are phenomenal, featuring food trucks from all over the area. Grab a brew, grab a few friends, and relax to the tune of live music being played.

Draft House Bar & Grille

This cozy dive bar serves as where Palm Beach Gardens goes after a fun day of playing in the surf or enjoying a few rounds of golf with friends. The live music acts go great with the bar treats and beers, as well!

With its full social calendar and proximity to all Palm Beach County has to offer, BallenIsles Country Club allows for music lovers to take advantage of the local music scene better than anywhere else. In addition, whether your sport of choice is tennis, golf, or swimming, or anything else, you’ll find something to enjoy at BallenIsles. The Club maintains a full calendar of fun activities, and you’ll find events where you can meet family and friends for a great time. The area of Palm Beach Gardens is interested in fostering the arts, and is always hosting an outdoor festival or other program that lets local artists show off their talents. Click here to schedule your private tour today.

A Financial Grant from the BallenIsles Charities Foundation provides funding for the Feed the Hungry Pantry food program.Every month, as part of its mission to end hunger in Palm Beach County, the Feed the Hungry Pantry gives boxes and bags packed with free, healthy food to over 2,200 families in need. A Financial Grant from the BallenIsles Charities Foundation provides funding for the food program.

On Saturday, June 23, as around 150 families gathered along a pantry line in West Palm Beach to receive the free food, volunteers from BallenIsles were there to help.

BallenIsles Charities Foundation President Mark Freeman, BallenIsles Country Club Executive Chef Gregory, Assistant General Manager Peter Serena, and Director of Marketing Brian Merbler joined other Feed the Hungry Pantry volunteers in helping bag fresh foods. They worked on the assembly line, filling arriving vehicles with around 100 pounds of staples for families in need. 

This was the second pantry line this month for families that registered to get fresh foods, including meats, vegetables, fruits and eggs.  It followed last week's pantry which helped feed more than 600 families.

"Feed the Hungry has helped feed thousands of Palm Beach County residents this month alone," Co-Founder Dan Shorter said. In addition, Feed the Hungry sent food for 96 home bound elderly and veterans.

"Today's effort further underlines the caring community that is BallenIsles and I also want to thank the BallenIsles Country Club and the BallenIsles Community Association for making this happen," Mr. Freeman said.

The BallenIsles Charities Foundation's Grant to Feed the Hungry is one of forty-six grants, totaling a record $575,000awarded this year. Since its formation by BallenIsles residents, more than $2.3 million has been awarded in financial grants to local non-profits and civic organizations.

BallenIsles’ own professional golf staff has offered tips for those who are looking to get ready for summer and work on their swing-read on to learn how!  The expert golfer is always adjusting themselves. Whether it’s the way that they dress for the weather or their playing posture, they’re always looking for something to change to improve their game. BallenIsles’ own professional golf staff has offered tips for those who are looking to get ready for summer and work on their swing-read on to learn how!  

Stay Cool!

Regulating your body temperature is important for any outdoor activity that you do, and golf is no exception. Do everything that you can to keep your cool, including drinking water and sports drinks, playing early in the day or late in the evening to avoid the sun, and utilizing sunscreen.

Hit It Hard!

When it comes to driving the ball as far as it can go, many factors go into every element involved. It would stand to reason that the harder that you hit the ball, the farther that it would travel, when it’s actually the reverse that’s true. Tension in the hands and arms cuts down on speed, so remember to keep your arms and hands relaxed when you’re ready to putt.

Keep Your Stance!  

You may recognize the proper golf stance, but it’s important to improve it as you go along. Remember to keep your stance by standing tall and tilting forward at the hip. This allows you to have enough control to drive the ball as far as you need to without hurting yourself. Pay a visit to the practice facility at BallenIsles to meet with a professional golf staff member who can advise you on the proper stance.

Located at the heart of Palm Beach Gardens, this exclusive country club hosts some of the best dining and golfing in the area in one of the most financially powerful areas in the world. This club is designed to accommodate the golfer, whether seasoned or new to the game, with a variety of on-site programs and award winning courses. Professionals at the golf practice facility are there to advise you on everything golf related, from improving your swing to helping you select the best golf club for your game. The on-site Clubhouse hosts a variety of features, including two bars and a restaurant that overlooks the final hole one of BallenIsles’ famous golf courses. Book time at the golf practice facility at BallenIsles and work towards golfing greatness. Become part of BallenIsles -call (561)622-0220 or click here to do so.