BallenIsles Charity Foundation helps Alzheimer’s Community Care in West Palm BeachBallenIsles Charities Foundation is an organization within BallenIsles Country Club that seeks to recognize organizations in the Palm Beach County area that provide assistance to residents in need. They celebrate this goal annually with their Awards Ceremony, where they give grants to these organizations. This year, the BallenIsles Charities Foundation will be awarding grants totaling upwards to $575,000 to their Designated Benficiaries at their Awards Ceremony on March 12th. Read ahead to learn more about some of these amazing organizations and what they do to help residents in Palm Beach County.

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary 

It’s inevitable in Florida-you’re on your daily run, or driving to the beach when you find an injured wild animal. Helping these creatures requires a certain type of knowledge, which is where Busch Wildlife Sanctuary comes in. They help capture, heal, and rehabilitate these wild animals, whether that means retraining them to adopt their natural habits, or retaining them at the Sanctuary to help educate guests about how they can help wildlife.

Wounded Veterans’ Relief Fund

There are many ways that we can share our gratitude for those who served our country post 9/11. One of them is assisting the transition from service to civilian work. The Wounded Veterans’ Relief Fund helps provide the financial assistance that veterans and their families need in times of economic need. This can range from helping veterans locate work to connecting them with legal services in the event of a possible eviction.

Alzheimer’s Community Care

It can be hurtful to see a loved one affected by Alzheimer’s, and just as hard to know how to care for them. Alzheimer’s Community Care provides Alzheimer’s care and service centers, education and information to the public about Alzheimer’s, and an ID locator service that allows family members and rescue personnel to locate an individual that has wandered off through a location device attached on their wrist.  

Palm Beach Gardens has multiple organizations ready to help in times of need, and BallenIsles is ready to help answer their call. The BallenIsles Charities Foundation is one of the many organizations that BallenIsles helps run. They also help host events that help others, such as the 5k Turkey Trot, and the Play For P.I.N.K. Golf Tournament, which benefitted the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. BallenIsles offers many ways for their residents to be involved in their community and help out-call or click here to learn more.

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BallenIsles charity raises nearly $2.4 million to help communityPALM BEACH GARDENS —Surrounded by lavish landscaping, protected by manned security gates, some BallenIsles residents find themselves living in a bubble, unaware and immune to the travails of their neighbors just a few miles away.

The BallenIsles Charities Foundation is working to change that.

Residents have donated almost $2.4 million to support Palm Beach County not-for-profit and civic organizations since the foundation started seven years ago, Secretary Bob Anton said. The foundation will distribute another $575,000 to 46 organizations March 12.

“I pinch myself with how big we’ve gotten,” said Vice President Mary Ann Champlin, who has been with the foundation from the beginning. “We have been able to tell the story of the needs in the area. Our effectiveness at that is growing.”

Champlin said she was one of those residents who was blind to the needs of the community for the first few years after she moved from Connecticut — until her college-age son started working at a sandwich shop on PGA Boulevard. He would come home from work and tell her, “Mother, you’re living in a bubble.” She realized he was right.

“I was living in paradise, but that is not what’s happening outside,” Champlin said.

She started volunteering at Allamanda Elementary School, which received a BallenIsles grant last year to buy books that appeal to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students.

The foundation gives grants to civic, educational, environmental and health and human services organizations that work in northern Palm Beach County. An 11-person grant committee picks the recipients.

In its infancy, the foundation awarded $125,000 to 12 organizations, Anton said. It has been able to give more by tugging on heart strings.

The foundation showed a 23-minute video highlighting the stories of people from 16 agencies at two receptions in the fall. There wasn’t a peep from beginning to end, Champlin said.

“The tissues were coming out,” she said.

And people started increasing their donations without being asked.

This year, Palm Beach Gardens police will get a mobile fingerprinting device to identify elderly people and children if they get lost. Firefighter-paramedics will get support for a new fall-prevention program that focuses on building core strength in the elderly.

The foundation also provides school readiness kits for homeless families helped by Adopt a Family.

BallenIsles support helped The Arc of Palm Beach County start a music therapy program for people with developmental disabilities and The Weitz Construction Academy at Seminole Ridge High School to allow students to build a Habitat for Humanity home.

Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue bought a $19,500 pediatric simulator to train for child trauma patients.

The foundation adds eight or nine programs every year, Anton said.

It’s all part of the foundation’s mission: “Making a difference.”

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Pickleball star, Kyle Yates, hosted a clinic at BallenIsles Country ClubPalm Beach Gardens (CBS12) — There are many who might associate the sport of pickleball together with shuffle board, or the name might make you very hungry. Pickleball, however, is a fast growing raquetsport across the world. There was further proof of that growing popularity at Ballenisles Country Club today, where 22 year old pickleball star Kyle Yates put on a clinic for pickleball enthusiasts.

"It's like a badmonton sized sport," explains Yates. "You have ping pong like paddles, and you can incorporate some tennis strokes. So I think it's the mesh of racket sports that makes it really cool."

The Florida native is the 2016 US Open Pickleball champion, and the # 1 ranked pickleball player in the World.

I started back when it was so small, and we had to chalk lines on a tennis court," recalls Yates. "So to see all the clubs, and people taking it more seriously, it's kind of a privilege for me to help grow the sport." 

The 22 year old Yates hopes pickleball will one day be an Olympic Sport ..and that he can participate either as a player or a coach.


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Pickleball at BallenIsles in Palm Beach Gardens Pickleball is the sport that’s gaining popularity fast at BallenIsles Country Club. In fact, all across the USA, 2.815 million people count themselves as devoted pickleball players. So what’s the excitement over this spinoff of badminton? With its storied past and dramatic competition setup, you’ll be seeing why everyone’s playing pickleball!

Pickleball first started in 1965 when Congressman Joel Pritchard and his friend Bill Bell returned to their vacation home from golf one day to find their family lying at home bored. The two men set up an impromptu court, found a ball and a few rackets, and improvised on the rules of badminton. In this case, players must let the ball bounce once, and then they can swing at it. The receiver cannot start a swing; only return the ones that the server creates. The server loses a point when they miss the receiver’s return. They would then switch sides with the receiver and become the receiver themselves. Like badminton, a pickleball court is split into two sides, with a neutral zone in the middle where the net is, but the two sides are split into two squares as well. 

The easy learning curve and competitive nature of this game has attracted hundreds to the pickleball courts, not just in the United States, but also at Palm Beach Gardens. What’s also drawing them? The Grand Slam Pickleball clinic on January 27th, featuring an exhibition match between two BallenIsles staff and two professionals-Kyle Rose, #1 Men’s 50’s Ranking, and Kyle Yates, US Open 2016 Champion and #1 in the world! If you’re looking to get involved in the pickleball world, this is an event that you won’t want to miss.

Whether your sport of choice is pickleball, tennis, golf, or swimming, you’ll find something to enjoy at BallenIsles. The Fitness Center maintains a full calendar of fun activities, and you’ll find areas like the Golf Shop or personal fitness trainers dedicated to helping you improve your game. There’s always a clinic running, so that you can learn a new skill to success or improve your style. No matter which sport is your favorite, you’ll be sure to find it at BallenIsles. Click here to schedule your private tour today.

BallenIsles Tennis Director Appointed USPTA Vice President  BallenIsles dedicates itself to tennis by providing everything that a player could need and an environment for them to improve in. The tennis shop provides equipment that can help improve one’s game, and the tennis clinics have qualified tennis professionals offer advice and techniques to help troubleshoot problem areas and offer suggestions on how to fix them. There are games and tournaments held every year. 

Tennis players also have the luck to practice and play in the beautiful BallenIsles community, located in Palm Beach Gardens, and close to the best dining, shopping, and entertainment within Palm Beach County. Hosting multiple neighborhoods, clubs, and amenities such as on-site restaurants, swimming, and the Clubhouse, due to be finished with renovations in 2018, BallenIsles is not just the name for professional tennis, but also for living in luxury. Learn more about residing in BallenIsles here.