Palm Beach Gardens Restaurant Dining Guide 2018 When it comes to picking restaurants in Palm Beach Gardens, you have so many options, with new ones showing up every week. Picking just one favorite out of so many can be an exhilarating, if positive, challenge. We went through our personal favorites and chose what we felt were the best of the local area- the best to bring friends and family to, the best to take yourself to, the best for a date night-and put them in an easy to access dining guide just for you. 

Paris in Town 

A Palm Beach Gardens standard, this classy Parisian café is so multifaceted. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast to take on the go, or something more substantial to share with friends, you’re sure to find it here. We highly recommend the Butte aux Cailles crepes- butter, sugar and lemon mixed together and spread all over a thin, buttery crepe. Talk about tres chic! 


Bringing a little bit of Europe to the heart of Palm Beach Gardens, the minds at Prosecco add art to eating, whether it’s through their eclectic décor or through their experimental food. Start off a lunch with friends with the roasted cauliflower, served with Dijon lavender sauce, or an avocado ahi tuna wrap. And if you were wondering, yes, they do serve the titular drink, alongside others in their extensive wine and alcohol list.

Taco Chula

South Florida is lucky to have such diversity in people…which makes for diversity in food! The culinary wizards at Taco Chula are determined to bring the best in authentic Mexican right to your lunch plate- and they’ve succeeded, according to the glowing reviews that dot their Facebook page. (For those looking to treat themselves, we like the carne asada gordita with extra cheese!) The casual atmosphere, great food, and warm customer service makes this a great place to grab a bite and a conversation with a friend.

Christopher’s Kitchen

No matter where you go, you’ll be hard pressed to find something like Christopher’s Kitchen. Chef Christopher Slawson insists on using ingredients that are healthy, organic and local, and it shows in his ever changing menus. The pizza crusts here are handmade in their starter- we recommend the mushroom truffle pizza.  For those looking for something truly unique, Christopher’s Kitchen also offers juice cleanses to help remove the impurities from your body (they do come in limited quantities, so do plan on requesting them early).

Okeechobee Steakhouse

This West Palm Beach classic serves fresh cuts of steak that are trimmed the old-fashioned way, seafood served fresh and a variety of succulent desserts that hit the spot at the end of a big meal, along with an extensive wine menu. We recommend the New York Strip, cut just right so that you get all of the tenderness and the flavor, along with a side of a baked potato. This is the place to take someone who is celebrating news, like graduating college, landing a big deal at a job or the birth of new family members.  

Bistro 105

The star of BallenIsles dining, residents love the club casual atmosphere of this family friendly restaurant. Go sport casual and cheer on your team with your friends over drinks, or do relaxed elegance and enjoy a formally casual dinner with your family. The American menu satisfies everyone, with delicious healthy options that will please gourmands looking to make lifestyle choices.

Bistro 105 is just one of many dining options that residents and visitors will experience at BallenIsles. The Grille Room is perfect for an intimate dinner with someone special and watering holes like Harry’s Bar and The 19th Hole lets residents wet their whistle in a casual atmosphere with friends. The kitchens also serve meals for special events such as Christmas Dinner in The Main Dining Room. The dining at BallenIsles has been hailed all over for its quality ingredients and its amicable service. Come be our guest; contact us here for more information. And click here to download the full dining guide for Palm Beach Gardens

The golf professionals at BallenIsles are always ready to offer advice and provide lessons to help you shave strokes off your scorecard. Before you get ready to hit the course this season, our highly respected and multiple award-winning professional golf staff has put together some tips to help advance your game. Led by Director of Golf, Jeff Fitzherbert, the pros at BallenIsles are always ready to offer advice and provide lessons to help you shave strokes off your scorecard. 

Get A Grip
A good grip is the foundation for a good golf game. When you grip the golf club correctly, you set yourself up to execute and get everything else right. When you grip the club incorrectly, you make the game harder than it needs to be. A fundamentally sound grip helps you create power and feel at the same time. Wrist action is a power source and gripping the club too much in the palm of your hand reduces wrist action. The fingers are the most sensitive parts of our hands. Placing the club more in the fingers rather than in the palm increases the amount of wrist hinge, which results in longer tee shots and more feel. One of the most common errors among golfers is a weak lead-hand (left hand for the right-handed golfer - the lead hand is the hand you place highest on the club) grip that is too much in the palm. This produces a shot that slices and lacks power. If you are struggling with your swing, the first place you should look is at your grip.  

How To Master The Downhill Lie 

The downhill lie is probably the most difficult sloping lie for amateur golfers. There's a tendency to hit the ball thin or fat.

Firstly, align your shoulders with the slope. Place the ball slightly back of center in your stance and place a bit more body weight on the front foot. This will help you to strike down on the ball, preventing thin contact.

Really feel as though you are chasing the ball down the slope through impact.

A golf ball on a downhill lie won't fly as high. The slope has the effect of de-lofting the club so a 7-iron will fly more like a 6-iron. Bear this in mind and perhaps take a more lofted club than you normally would for the distance.

How To Properly Aim 

So many people struggle with alignment in their setup and it can lead to swing compensations and faults that will lead to poor shots and higher scores.

Let's simplify the setup and alignment by doing the following:

1. First, take your grip and aim the clubface at your intended target (you may want to pick out an "intermediate target" that is a couple feet in front of your ball and directly in line with your intended target to help align your clubface) 

a. Many amateurs try to set their feet and body first and then aim their clubface.  Instead, please do what all great Tour Players do and aim your clubface first and then set your feet and body accordingly.

2. Next, align your feet, hips and shoulders parallel to the clubfac 

3. Take a couple looks at your target using your eyes to identify and confirm your alignment

4. React to your target and swing the club freely

If you’re looking to improve your game, BallenIsles has everything that you need to succeed. The golf pro shop provides everything that a golfer could need, and tee times are available to book at one of three golf courses. Golfers can also get assistance on whatever they would need, from form and swing to general tips, at the practice facility. As a renowned golf center, BallenIsles has everything that you need to play a great game. Click here to learn more. 

Fitness Runs 2018 in Palm Beach County One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to get healthy, but at times, it can be difficult to find a way to carry it out. When one has life obligations such as work, family and a busy lifestyle, along with the hectic pace of the holidays just starting to slow down, it can be easy to fall back into old habits. This is why you should take advantage of the multiple exercise options around Palm Beach County. The variety means that you can easily work them into your busy schedule, find something that goes at the strenuous level that works for you, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find the class or race that fits your lifestyle. Read on to see some of what Palm Beach County has to offer you.

Run Like A Warrior 5k 

Come support Jupiter High School’s boys and girls lacrosse teams and the Wounded Veteran’s Relief Fund on March 3rd, 2018. Racers will meet up at the track at Jupiter High School and loop around it down Toney Penna Drive and past Pennock Lake. There will be winners awarded for the overall male and female participants, and the top three positions in every category for both males and females. The first 275 people to register will receive a shirt and a goody bag.

Riverbend Park 5k Green Run/Walk

In its seventh year, the Riverbend Park 5k Green Run/Walk helps raise money for the Jupiter Environmental Research and Field Studies Academy (JERFSA) at Jupiter High School, which allows students to study the wildlife and ecosystem that surrounds the Jupiter area, along with learn about careers in wildlife preservation. Participants will meet at Riverbend Park on February 24, 2018 to run or walk through the park on the crushed shell rock trail that runs throughout it. The first 350 participants to sign up will receive a T-shirt.

Kiwanis/Allamanda Strive 5 For The Hive 

Benefitting local children’s charities and the Allamanda’s Health and Wellness Program, this annual 5k takes place at the Gardens Mall! On March 11, 2018, participants will meet up at the Brio at the Gardens Mall, loop around the perimeter of the mall, and up the hill towards Saks Fifth Avenue. Participants will be treated to breakfast at Brio’s after the 5k is completed, and awards will be given out after that. All participants will receive a dry-fit shirt and a participant medal.

Some may feel that a race doesn’t fit into their lifestyle. Fortunately, BallenIsles hosts a multitude of fitness options to work with a variety of people. The cycling club organizes rides around Palm Beach County. The Fitness Center has their own calendar that features various events at different times-we highly recommend the cardio classes. Those who may be looking to exercise at their own pace may consider the Fitness Trail that runs around BallenIsles which allows for participants to choose the intensity and speed at which they want to work. The Sports Complex itself offers machines for residents to work on the fitness regimens that they have scheduled for themselves. One of BallenIsles more popular sports- golf- is also highlighted, with everything from golf clinics at the practice facility to expert tools provided at the golf pro shop provided to everyone, no matter the skill level. After the use of the golf course, residents will be able to cool off at the newly renovated Clubhouse, which will be finished in the fall of 2018. Overlooking the golf course, residents will be able to enjoy the restaurants and bars located within the Clubhouse, all just minutes after finishing a hard workout on the green. Let BallenIsles help you reach your fitness goals in the new year-visit us here for more information.

BallenIsles features a few programs to get children involved in tennis right from the start, and also to appreciate the skills and logic that go into playing it. Studies show that children who are involved in sports reap all kinds of benefits, so why not get them involved early? BallenIsles features a few programs to get children involved in tennis right from the start, and also to appreciate the skills and logic that go into playing it. The approach allows kids at any level to understand and nurture their skills all while enjoying themselves at. If your holiday guests include the under-18 crowd, break out your calendar and pencil them in for some tennis fun.

Nail the basics at our Junior Tennis Camp

Designed for all ages and levels of learning, our Junior Tennis Camps have been a favorite among younger players. Running each summer, as well as this holiday season from December 26th to December 29th, students will learn the basics of the game, the science behind making a swing and the various games of tennis, such as Round Robin and King of the Court. Groups are separated by age for every lesson. Ages 5-7 start their classes at 12:15 and end them at 1:00. Ages 8 and older start their classes at 1:00, and end them at 2:45 P.M. 

Tennis Family Fun Day

Starting on December 30th at 10:30 A.M., our Family Fun Day balances both the logic and the fun of tennis with activities for every age and skill level. For those looking for a challenge, our Round Robin and King of the Court provides all of the intensity and skill that you’re looking for. For those looking for a good time, our Anything Goes games are there to let everyone have a good time-and everyone gets a prize at the end! Complimentary beverages and snacks will be provided to fuel your game, but pre-registration is required.  

Tennis is a game that would benefit any child, mentally and physically and where else to grant them an appreciation for it than BallenIsles? With its 20+Har-Tru courts, a stadium court, and children’s programs, and having hosted the Les Grandes Dames International Tennis Tournament and the UTSA Women’s 40 and 50 Clay Court Championship, it’s easy to see why the tennis facilities were ranked number one in the country. A community so steeped in this grand tradition is the perfect place to give a child the gift of tennis. Get them involved in this great game by calling the Tennis Shop, or by visiting them here.

Ballenisles Country Club keeps a full itinerary of activities and events. We went out of our way to pick three of the biggest ones, so break out your day planner and start marking down the things that you like, because you know that you won’t want to miss them.The holidays are always such an exciting and wonderful time. There’s plenty to do with family and friends, and even more so in sunny Florida. The warm weather and days full of sunshine gets everyone outside and pull everyone together. Good thing, too-Palm Beach is full of things to do during the holidays. But, as a member at BallenIsles, you don’t even need to go past the guard gates to find fun things to do- the Club keeps a full itinerary of activities and events. We went out of our way to pick three of the biggest ones because you know that you won’t want to miss them.


Chanukah Dinner Buffet

December 13th at 5:30, come and celebrate this special holiday at the Pavilion! Traditional Chanukah food will be served amongst the candlelight and visitors congregating at this event. This may be a great opportunity to teach others about their religion for some, as guests are allowed at this event. 


Christmas Dinner Buffet

Want to celebrate the holidays at BallenIsles, but don’t want the hassle of cooking? Welcome the Christmas season with neighbors, residents and a large dinner! Starting at 2:00 P.M. on December 25th at the Pavilion, guests will enjoy a full dinner buffet among the glamour of BallenIsles. 


New Year’s Eve Celebration

Help ring in the New Year with your friends at BallenIsles! Kicking off at the Pavilion on December 31st at 8:00 P.M., it’s sure to be a wonderful time. A seated dinner, open bar and champagne toast at midnight contain all the traditional trappings of a New Year’s Eve party, while live music by Soul Survivor and dancing put a spin on things! Guests are allowed, so gather your friends for a night of fun! 


New Year’s Day Brunch

Shake off the fun of last night and welcome the New Year with a hearty brunch! Starting at 11 A.M., you can find a full course brunch at the Pavilion on January 1st


The warm weather in Florida has a way of bringing people together like the holidays do. Combined, you may find yourself with a full house of people looking for fun! You could throw your own party, but end up with the intricacies of scheduling the event, planning for catering, clearing away the space to hold the event, and conducting cleanup. You could also visit a party with their friends and family and avoid the extra work of hosting, but be left with a large bill. In this regard, BallenIsles has you covered with their full holiday social schedules. If you’re looking for something to do with your guests and residents at BallenIsles, without wanting to add more to your ‘to do’ list, there’s nothing like a BallenIsles party! From the Chanukah Dinner Buffet to the New Year’s Day Brunch, we filled our social calendar to the brim with fun things for you and your guests to do. Even after the holidays, the fun never stops, with tournaments and tee time run by our Golf department, and a full class schedule at the Fitness Center, not to mention charity balls such as the Annual Community Reception. No matter what your holiday schedule involves, make it even more magical at Ballenisles by clicking here to learn more.