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Wish Upon a Wedding Hosted at BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida A wedding is one of the most joyous occasions that a couple can share. From the excitement of picking out a location and color theme to the love between two partners that’s demonstrated before family and friends, these ceremonies hold many tender moments. However, those who have been struck by serious illnesses or extenuating circumstances can find themselves short on the money, time, and energy needed to create the wedding of their dreams. Enter Wish Upon A Wedding, an organization dedicated to gathering resources, finances, and services from the community in the name of providing said partners with a ceremony straight out of their dreams. One couple, Sharn and Anthony, embody the mission and reason for this amazing group.

Sharn and Anthony’s love story first began years ago when they reached out to each other online. Within each other, they found many similarities, and a connection soon after. It wasn’t long before they were making phone calls to one another, and finally meeting in person. Soon after they were engaged on May 19th, that everyone was ready to celebrate the happy couple. Later in the year, Sharn learned that her routine mammogram came back irregular, and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thus began her intensive treatment program that included chemo and radiation therapies, along with a double mastectomy. Through the litany of tests and procedures, Anthony stood by Sharn’s side, offering a comforting word, a shoulder to lean on, or sometimes, just his presence. While the two and their families are well aware of the love that Sharn and Anthony hold for each other, their upcoming wedding will serve as a proof of such, and tie them together. 

When Wish Upon A Wedding put out requests for donations of time, money, and services, local residents and businesses responded overwhelmingly. Because of the wave of support from the community, everything from photography to music to catering, was offered free of charge to Sharn and Anthony. Phairis Luxury conducted the hair and makeup, Creative Touch Party Design made the imagery for the invitations, and Key Moment Films recorded every moment for the couple to remember. BallenIsles Country Club generously offered two venue spaces for the couple to celebrate their love. The ceremony took place in the Lobby, where Rabbi Paul Offenkranz performed the ceremony that joined the couple together in front of their family and friends. Afterwards, everyone gathered at Circle 100, where BallenIsles Country Club chefs prepared and served dishes for the party at the restaurant. In the meantime, everyone exchanged good memories, created new memories, and celebrated the life that the couple will share with each other.  

BallenIsles Country Club was proud to offer their location and their services to Sharn and Anthony on their happiest day. Linsey Bruce-Lefkowitz, Catering Director at BallenIsles, also offered her wedding planning services. Though the couple has faced many struggles together, their love is a testament to the courage and strength that they have for each other. We at BallenIsles Country Club hope that as the couple continues on their journey together, they’ll always recall the moments they shared with us.


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